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CELT-P is ideal if you are an English language teacher working in primary education, with learners aged 6-12 years. 

You refresh and build your knowledge and skills, through a combination of online study and observed teaching practice.

The course helps you with challenges like developing learners' listening and speaking abilities in large classes.

It is:

  • flexible and convenient - the online modules can be taken in any order
  • practical - focusing on relevant practical skills to improve your classroom performance and get the best from your learners 


  • Online course with optional tutor-led sessions
  • Face-to-face teaching practice
  • Minimum 120 hours
  • Online progress tests and practical tasks throughout the course
  • Written test
  • Teaching practice
Minimum entry requirements 
  • Independent English language user (CEFR LEvel B1 and above)
  • Certificate CELT-P & TKT: YL
Framework stages
  • Foundation to Developing
Find out more about the Cambridge English Teaching Framwork


CELT-P is offered to groups of teachers through employers and teaching organisations

Find out more about CELT-P

1 Language awareness for teaching
  • Grammar: word classes, grammar structures and how to use language for different functions
  • Vocabulary: key concepts, word formation and combining words
  • Pronunciation: key concepts, word and sentence stress, connected speech and intonation.
2 Developing listening and speaking skills in the primary classroom
  • Developing listening skills
  • Developing speaking skills
  • Integrating listening and speaking.
3 Developing reading and writing skills in the primary classroom
  • Developing reading skills
  • Developing writing skills
  • Topic-based teaching – integrating skills.
4 Resources for learning in the primary classroom
  • Using and adapting resources in the younger learner primary classroom
  • Using and adapting resources with older primary learners
  • Using and creating supplementary materials.
5 Managing the primary classroom
  • Creating and maintaining a constructive learning environment
  • Managing primary classroom activities effectively
  • Managing differences in the classroom.
6 Developing language use in the primary classroom
  • Key concepts, principles and techniques in teaching language in the primary sector
  • How to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to different age groups.
7 Language learning and the primary learner
  • Characteristics of the primary learner
  • The primary young learner in the educational context
  • Teacher language in the primary classroom.
8 Planning language learning in the primary context
  • Planning a lesson
  • Writing lesson plans
  • Planning a programme of work.
9 Assessing language learning in the primary context
  • Principles and purposes of classroom-based assessment
  • Formative classroom assessment
  • Summative assessment.

Each module has a number of lessons, which all have the following structure:

  • an introduction to the topic
  • learning activities
  • activities that check learning
  • activities that focus on practical classroom applications
  • a review of what’s been learned
  • a short, multiple-choice progress test
  • further reading.


Upcoming Course Details 

  • Course-start date: 14th January 2019
  • Course-end date: 31st May 2019
  • Course Length: 20 weeks
  • Number of Modules:
  • Number of Observations: 
  • Exam to be taken: TKT: YL
  • Deadline for registration: 17th December 2018
  • Course fee: £ 750 (TKT exam fee included) payable by credit card up to 4-5 installments

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