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TOEIC Preparation

 International House Izmir is an official TOEIC exam center !


Candidates who want to take the exam at our TOEIC center, please contact with us to learn the exam dates and time.


We are running group courses regularly every 6 weeks especially to Akbank, Şekerbank employees and the pilots transferring to Civil Aviation !



The Test of English for International Communication - TOEIC is an English language proficiency

test for people whose native language is not English.  It measures the everyday English skills of

people working in an international environment.  TOEIC test scores indicate how well people can

communicate in English with others in the global workplace.  The test does not require specialized

knowledge or vocabulary beyond that of a person who uses English in everyday work activities.

Today, the TOEIC test has become the world’s leading test of English language proficiency in a

workplace context.  More than 8,000 corporations worldwide have used the TOEIC test and more

than 2 million people take the test every year.


Regular  TOEIC Preparation Content

Regular TOEIC exam tests 2 skills.



TOEIC preparation training also focuses on these two skills. 


  • Reading techniques : Strategies to solve reading problems and strategies to answering multiple choice questions. While studying on different reading questions, students are taught how to find  the correct answer.


  • Listening techniques : Students learn ways about how to approach listening questions. The content of this section includes what students listen and how to remember the important points.


Course Level :


            Course Material :

Teacher follows the lessons from a reference book but also provides you the supplementary materials during the lessons and supplementary activities.

Course Duration :

            Total 5 weeks / 30 hours ; 2 or 3 days a week, 6 hours

or total 6 weeks / 30 hours ;  a day at the weekend 5 hours


TOEIC authorised centre



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