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ILS International House İzmir offers  General English Courses in 6 different levels which meet the needs of the students from Elementary to Advance. Our General English Courses help students improve their English Language Skills in the core areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

At ILS International House İzmir, we focus on communication and speaking with student  to student interaction, rather than a traditional lecturing approach. Our teaching encourages students to become more confident in using skills. In all our programmes the levels are linked to Common European Framework.

The table below shows the levels that International House Izmir can offer. For each level you can see a summary of student ability at this level and how it fits in with Common European Framework. (CEF)


Level 1                                      A1  


Learners can communicate at a basic level and can deal with some situations necessary to survive in an English-speaking Environment.


Level 2                                      A2/1   




Learners can communicate at a basic level.  They can survive in an English-speaking environment Their comprehension of English is limited but a foundation has been laid for further learning.


Level  3                                       A2/2



Learners are able to communicate in English adequately in English in simple everyday situation. Their range of vocabulary and ability to manipulate grammatical structure is developing as is their ability to comprehend oral and written English.


Level  4                                     B1    



Learners are developing their English language skills and can speak quite fluently in most everyday situations. Their ability to express more complex ideas is beginning to develop, although their language is not always accurate. They can deal with authentic reading and listening material.


Level 5                                       B2      

Upper Intermediate

Learners are of approximately Cambridge First Certificate in English standard with a range of vocabulary and a command of all basic grammatical structures. They can use English in a variety of contexts anda re beginning to appreciate many of the complexities of the language.


Level 6                                           C1    


Learners are able to use a wide range of language effectively in a variety of contexts and can easily comprehend natural spoken and written English. Learners are developing an understanding of and an ability to produce subtleties and complexities of the language, although they may still require some work on accuracy.



Our aim is to develop communication skills by combining oral and written comprehension and production skills.

At the end of the course students will be able to:

-speak effectively

-develop their skills in four skills

-develop their skills in wining the necessary vocabulary and pronunciation.

-use the language not only in class but also in everyday life situations.

-evaluate themselves using our access center.


Students use a course book with its workbook. Besides your teachers will recommend students outside course materials. Our students will have the advantage to access  the  on-line material bank on the website of IHWO.


Each Level 72 Hours

6 Hours per week

We have week days and weekend courses.


TOEIC authorised centre



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