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Banking and Finance

By the end of this course learners will be able to …

-          talk about a variety of topics in banking and finance: jobs interviews, controlling business expenses, the causes and effects of recession and recovery, the role of World Bank and the IMF, key sectors and industries in an economy, the strengths and weakness of  an economy, types of bank and their customer groups, stock markets, investment strategies, insurance, and risk management

-          use conversational strategies in banking and finance-related discussions; e.g. giving suggestions and advice, making requests and offers, checking, clarifying and reformulating, presenting one’s own views, agreeing and disagreeing, presenting arguments, negotiating, offering solutions, and making forecasts

-          write a covering letter, an email to deal with a complaint, an internal memo to staff,  a profile of a bank’s activity, a first reminder to a customer, a press release, an audit letter to management, different types of reports on a variety of topics; e.g. a country’s economy, evaluating options, an insurance claim, and economic conditions

-          use their professional skills; e.g. giving a mini presentation, presenting a briefing note, selling on the telephone, describing and interpreting economic and financial trends on a graph

-          answer questions while  reading texts on a variety of topics; e.g. retail banking, the credit crisis, auditing, mergers and acquisitions, cash flow, fund management

-          answer questions and complete tables and graphs while listening to texts on a variety of topics: e.g. scheduling appointments, service providers in a finance department, The Great Depression, investment decisions, stock markets, cash flow, insurance claims.

Course Overview:

  • 6 lessons per week (50 minutes each), total lesson time in the course 72 hours.
  • Teachers use course books, authentic material and out-of-class activities in their lessons.
  • Students have access to the International House worldwide online material-bank.
  • The maximum class size is 12 students - with a class average of ten.
  • Students at Intermediate level and above can attend this course.


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